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Call for service: comprehensive multidisciplinary research


Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia is looking for a qualified company to conduct a service for comprehensive multidisciplinary research.

Service requested: To conduct a survey that will serve the primary purpose of informing REDI project’s decision to select a final list of 250 villages to install Internet access points.

To see the detailed information about the Call for Service, please, visit the link.

The application shall contain a Fiscal Statement and Application FORM (templates attached), signed and scanned in PDF format.

The application must be submitted by the 26th of April 2024, 24:00 Tbilisi time to the address: georgiarep@solidarityfund.pl. Questions regarding the call for proposals, can be directed to georgiarep@solidarityfund.pl before expiration of the deadline.

List of application documents to be downloaded and filled out:

– Application form – download.

– Fiscal statement form – download.

* As response to already received questions, please be informed that even if you are submitting the tender as a Non-Entrepreneurial Non-Commercial Legal Entity (NNLE), you can tick the “commercial entity” option in the Service Provider Fiscal Statement form.

Moreover, instead of indicating owner(s) and/or shareholders, please indicate Board/Management Body members or founders or other management body (if applicable) when filling out the Service Provider Fiscal Statement form. 

* The initiative is co-financed by the European Union.

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