Common access to good-quality education that builds awareness of rights and responsibilities is not only a basic civil right but also a keystone in the socio-economic development of a democratic state. For years, Solidarity Fund PL has been supporting projects and carrying out its own initiatives for education systems reforms and, in a broad sense, civic education in selected countries (Georgia, Myanmar, Tajikistan, etc.). Since 2017, the key effort for Ukraine in the field of education is the “Study Tours to Poland on Management of Education at Local and Central Level” project, implemented under the EU’s U-LEAD framework and managed by the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ). The project also involves collaboration with Polish and Ukrainian experts as well as the Swedish SKL programme, which handles the educational component in Ukraine. The project strengthens the education system reform in Ukraine and facilitates the process of the consolidated hromadas taking over the educational tasks. Study visits to various regions of Poland are dedicated to Ukrainian local-level education managers and representatives of Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science. The delegations visit Polish schools, municipality offices, education authorities, teacher training centres, and other educational and education-related organisations. The discussions during these meetings address issues such as optimisation of schools network, educational strategies, out-of-school education, self-governments’ educational tasks, regional education, financing, etc.

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