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The course of actions of the Fund is established by the Council of seven to nine members, which comprises MPs, senators, and other experts experienced in development cooperation. The Chairperson of the Council is an Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responsible for development cooperation. The Chairperson and the members of the Council are appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The day-to-day operations of the Fund are managed by the President of the Board, who is appointed for a three-year office term by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in consultation with the Council. The Fund is obliged to present a yearly report on the implementation of development cooperation tasks to the parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs.

The Council

Marcin Przydacz Chairperson of the Solidarity Fund PL Council, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Konrad Głębocki – Law and Justice Party politician, Member of the Sejm (Polish Parliament).

Andrzej Marian Grzyb – Polish People’s Party politician since 2009, MEP, previously Member of the Sejm.

Małgorzata Golińska –  Law and Justice Party politician, Member of the Sejm, Secretary of State, Chief of Nature Conservation in the Ministry of the Environment.

Andrzej Kosztowniak – Law and Justice Party politician, Member of the Sejm, mayor of Radom 2006-2014.

Anna Kwiecień – Law and Justice Party politician, Member of the Sejm, deputy mayor of Radom 2006-2014.

Tadeusz Romańczuk – Law and Justice Party politician, Member of the Senate, councillor of Brańsk municipality.

Artur Warzocha – Law and Justice Party politician, first deputy voivode of the Silesian voivodeship in the years 2006-2007, Member of the Senate.

President of the Management Board

Rafał Dzięciołowski is a journalist and a political commentator specialised in Central and Eastern European affairs. He is a graduate in history and political sciences at the University of Warsaw. In the 1980s he joined the Independent Students’ Association (NZS) and the Federation of Fighting Youth (FMW), and distributed samizdat publications. Under Wiesław Walendziak’s, he worked at the Polish Television public broadcaster in the “Puls Dnia” (Pulse of the Day) editorial team. Since 1996 he has been supporting Polish diaspora in the East. For many years he served as the vice-president of the “Foundation Aid to Poles in the East” and on the Board of the “Wolność i Demokracja” (Freedom and Democracy) Foundation. He is a member of both the National Development Council of the President of Republic of Poland and the Presidential Advisory Committee for the Presidents of Poland and Ukraine. In December 2017 he has joined the Polish-Ukrainian Partnership Forum.
In his spare time he dedicates himself to photography, with a special focus on nature.