Maciej Falkowski | President of the Management Board
Office number: +48 222 906 622 extension 01
e-mail: sekretariat[at]

Aleksandra Jarosiewicz | Executive director
e-mail: aleksandra.jarosiewicz[at]

Izabella Chruślińska | Chief specialist | USAID program manager
e-mail: izabella.chruslinska[at]

Adam Sauer | Chief specialist | Program manager – Ukraine | Elections observations
e-mail: adam.sauer[at]

Ewa Demczyk | Senior specialist (is on maternity leave)
e-mail: ewa.demczyk[at]

Karolina Mazurczak | Senior Specialist
e-mail: karolina.mazurczak[at]

Monika Ołów | Junior specialist
e-mail: monika.olow[at]

Daria Suwała | Specialist
e-mail: daria.suwala[at]

Katarzyna Adamczyk | Chief specialist

e-mail: katarzyna.adamczyk[at]

Joanna Szewczak | Senior specialist
e-mail: joanna.szewczak[at]

Tomasz Filipiak | Senior specialist
e-mail: tomasz.filipiak[at]

Wojciech Kuchta | Specialist
email: wojciech.kuchta[at]

Marcin Popławski | Junior specialist
e-mail: marcin.poplawski[at]

Peter Domukhovski | Junior specialist
e-mail: peter.domukhovski[at]

Paweł Turski | IT specialist
e-mail: informatyk[at]

Julia Czumaczenko | Communication specialist
e-mail: julia.czumaczenko[at]
tel. +48 797 904 500


Tomasz Horbowski | Managing director | Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova
e-mail: tomasz.horbowski[at]

Paweł Kost | Solidarity Fund PL representative Ukrainie
e-mail: pawel.kost[at]

Justyna Kucuk | Solidarity Fund PL representative in Georgia
e-mail: justyna.kucuk[at]


Anastasiia Chornohorska | Specialist | Projects coordinator in Ukraine
e-mail: anastasiia.chornohorska[at]

Urszula Majewska | Project coordinator | Participatory budget in Georgia
e-mail: urszula.majewska[at]

Ekaterine Tsvariani | Office manager | Communications officer in Georgia
e-mail: ekaterine.tsvariani[at]

Nino Kodua | Project assistant | Participatory budget in Georgia
e-mail: nino.kodua[at]

Volodymyr Abramiuk | Project coordinator | Participatory budget in Georgia
e-mail: volodymyr.abramiuk[at]

Olga Kuprianowicz | USAID program
e-mail: olga.kuprianowicz[at]