Established in 2019, Solidarity Fund PL Representative Office in Georgia (Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia) carries out activities in two primary fields:

  • supporting good governance mechanisms;
  • supporting crisis management mechanisms.

As part of these two priorities, the Fund supports the development of various forms of participation and social dialogue, using such tools as participatory budgeting, local initiatives, or participatory planning. Since 2019 the Fund has been running the “Academy of Participation” that trains professionals who are to foster the dialogue between the authorities and the citizens. Jointly with the Georgian Emergency Management Service, the Fund has been sharing Polish experiences related to voluntary work, such as the Voluntary Fire Service (OSP), with the local citizens.

In the past, the Fund has also subsidised non-governmental organisations through grant competitions. The projects covered, among other things:

  • support for the media (especially local and regional outlets);
  • citizenship education;
  • social participation;
  • promotion of voluntary work and mediation;
  • support for self-governments in implementation of participatory budgeting.

Justyna Kucuk | Head of the Representative Office in Georgia

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Projects implemented in 2019

Participatory budgeting as a tool for engaging residents in the affairs of the self-government

Voluntary Fire Service as a Form of Temporary Crisis Response

Projects implemented in 2018

Audio-guides to Kazbegi region as a tool for local development

Creating Voluntary Fire Service in Georgia: a voluntary group for forest fire protection in the Borjomi region

Participatory budget in Georgia!

People with disabilities in the Borjomi National Park

Supporting civic movement and ombudsman campaign in Georgia for persons with mental disorders and psychosocial disabilities