Regional development

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The Fund supports a wide range of regional development either through its own activities or projects run by Polish NGOs. The Fund’s most important regional and local development programme is the operation of the Information Centre for Local Authorities. A flagship project of Polish Aid, this Center is Solidarity Fund PL’s office in Moldova. Through collaboration with Moldovan authorities ( central and local), local NGOs, and other donors, the Centre carries out various tasks aimed at fostering local development both in urban and rural areas. It promotes the EU LEADER approach to development, which involves engaging local community representatives (authorities, entrepreneurs, and civil society organisation) in the development of a given area. As a part of this approach, Local Action Groups are created, modelled on similar institutions that function in Poland and other EU countries. The Centre also provides funding to local initiatives within the rural and urban framework of the Small Projects Programme.

The Fund carries out its own activities and supports Polish NGOs on projects for local development also in other countries, i.a. Georgia (e.g. participatory budgeting implementation in collaboration with Other Space Foundation), Tajikistan (e.g. support of a local-level project for women empowerment run by Education for Democracy Foundation) or Belarus (sharing Polish experience in the development of agrotourism with beneficiaries from Pinsk region in collaboration with the Association of Rural Municipalities of Podlaskie Voivodeship). Also, as a part of Polish Aid’s priorities such as good governance and human capital, the Fund supports the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas.

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