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Georgian Partners: Call for Concept Notes is open!


Concept Note TemplateParticipation Rules

Solidarity Fund PL invites Georgian entities to submit a concept note on ideas for partner activities!

“Small Project Fund GE” (hereinafter referred as SPF GE) is implemented by Solidarity Fund PL and financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland within the framework of the Polish development cooperation program – Polish Aid. The program is a part of the Solidarity Fund PL own activities carried out in Georgia in 2018.

The Call is open to the following entities registered or based in Georgia:

  •  Local public authorities
  •  Governmental institutions
  •  Non-governmental organizations (including NGO coalitions)
  • Academic institutions
  •  Non-formal local community groups
  • Individuals conducting social activities

Projects have to be carried out in close cooperation with local civic partners (NGOs, informal group of citizens) in Georgia, but can include elements/actions organized in Poland. Private initiatives must have a strong social character – their actions must take into account the involvement of a wider group of people and bring social benefits for the public good.

Within Small Project Fund GE Program two types of activities could be supported:

  • Project – a fully independent project/activity;
  • Small intervention – an additional component to the ongoing project/program/activity

Implementation period: from mid-September – mid-December (app.)

The applicants may propose activities which could be implemented within 2 paths:

  • Micro Project – from 2 000 EUR up to 15 000 EUR
  • Small Project – from 15 000 EUR up to 25 000 EUR

One entity can submit a maximum of 2 concept notes – 2 micro ones or 1 micro and 1 small one. Individuals can only apply for the micro-projects. The draft idea should include some in-kind contribution.

The submitted initiatives should include at least one of the following thematic priorities:

  • Good governance, including:

1) increasing institutional capacity of the entities engaged in the process of decentralization;

2) implementation of regional development policy, including support for the tourism sector;

3) disaster risk reduction management system

  • Human capital, including:

1) better access to social services

2) capacity and infrastructural development of centers/institutions for people with disabilities, victims of domestic violence and children deprived of parental custody;

3) social integration of people with disabilities, victims of domestic violence and children deprived of parental custody;

4) strengthening the care system and protecting the rights of children deprived of parental custody, people with disabilities and victims of domestic violence.

Ideas using Polish know-how will be particularly appreciated, however it should not be a partnership with a precise polish entity, but a flow of thought, ideas, experience. The scope of activities may include hard (infrastructural) and soft elements, but the idea must have a strong justification for the purpose of the application. The Concept Note may include elements carried out in Poland, however, it is not necessary to plan them fully.

This call is the first stage of the selection procedure of the partners and is conducted as part of the Foundation’s own activities. After collecting the concept note, several partners will be invited for negotiations, which will be finalized by formulating the final project application. The Concept Note is the draft of the idea, which will be specified as the result of joint discussions and arrangements. On this stage applicants do not have to design all the details, the most important is the clearance, coherence and adequacy of the suggested idea.

The concept notes have to be submitted by e-mail, signed by Applicant himself/herself or authorized representative of the institution at elzbieta.swidrowska[at] in English or Russian not later than 4th of September 23:59 CEST time.  

If you have any questions please contact Elzbieta Swidrowska, representative of Solidarity Fund in Georgia, at elzbieta.swidrowska[at] or by phone (What’s up) + 995 557 192 291.

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