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New educational opportunities for Belarusians

 Solidarity Fund PL (SFPL) and Free Belarus University (FBU), with financial support from the European Union, started an educational project for Belarusians. Within this project SFPL provides Belarusians with access to independent, high-quality EU education. Educational programs are addressed to Belarusians who are interested in improving their professional qualifications and eager to learn more about democratic reforms.


Within the next two years 13 courses will be available for Belarusians. Most of them will be conducted on-line, each course will be validated and certificated by a recognized European institution. Students will receive diplomas after successfully completion of the course. The chosen candidates are free from tuition fees, because the costs are covered by the European Union.

For the fall semester 2022 following courses will be launched: Mini MPA, Mini MBA and Leaders of Changes.

  1. Mini MPA (Master of Public Administration)

This is the course which focuses on public sector management. Successful candidates can develop their knowledge concerning jobs in the public sector. The course provides a Belarusian context. It is designed as an opportunity to increase the abilities of current and future employers of public administration. The program is divided into six blocks: (1) Public Policy; (2) Public Service and Administration; (3) Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management; (4) Financial Management; (5) Public-Private Partnerships and Collaboration; (6) Ethics and Democratic Values.

The course is conducted by Palina Prismakova (phD in Public Affairs) who is affiliated at the Florida Atlantic University. Mini MPA is planned as a 140 hours-in-length program which will be divided into 15 meetings.

Registration for this semester is now closed, but we will start the second course next year. Follow us to stay updated!

  1. Mini MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Mini MBA is a brief variant from a full studies program on business venture. It consists of the most vivid elements of business management. The offered course is dedicated to representatives of small and medium-sized businesses from Belarus. The main aim of the Mini MBA is to provide its participants with comprehensive knowledge and skills in management, finance, marketing and digital transformation. Students will obtain knowledge on business management, develop their skills on analysis of risks and potential benefits as well as build the social competences essential for business ventures.

The course is conducted by staff affiliated at The Faculty of Management, University of Lodz in cooperation with specialists from Belarus. Mini MBA lasts 132 hours in total.

Here you will find the link to the registration form.

Registration is open until 09 October 2022.

  1. Leaders of Change

The offered course is an exclusive offer for Belarus activists. The meetings are divided into three blocks: (1) Civic society in theory and practice; (2) Culture and history of Belarus; (3) Development of skills in civic, digital and leadership areas. The aim is to train future Belarusian leaders who will support Belarusian civic society after the change of people in power. The priority is to ensure students safety conditions to participate in the course in-person. During the course students will be prepared to fulfill roles of social leaders in the forthcoming democratic changes.

Registration will be open either by the end of December or at the beginning of January.

>>>>> Regulations for the recruitment of participants, awarding scholarships and rules of participation in educational programs  <<<<<

All necessary information about courses and scholarships criteria is available on the page of SFPL.  Please, follow SFPL and FBU on its social media:

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