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Call for Service: Purchase and Installation of a Ramp and Deployment of Services FSM-2022-08-04

Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia is looking for company to provide purchase and installation of a
ramp and deployment of services needed for the modernized adapted “Open Space” in
Ozurgeti (located at 11a, 26 May street, Ozurgeti)

Service requested:
Provide and instal a ramp and deploy services needed for the modernized adapted “Open
Space” in Ozurgeti (located at 11a, 26 May street, Ozurgeti)

1. The tasks under planned assignment are as follows:
1.1 Purchase and installation of a ramp (Zone A)
1.2 Production and installation of a modular canopy with fence for terrace safety Zone B.
1.3 Adaptation of a toilet for persons with disabilities (Zone C)
1.4 Re-arrangement of outdoor Open Space (Zone D)
Please, refer the Drawing #1 for location of Zones

2. Duration of the assignment to be completed
Until 1 October, 2022

3. Place(s) of Assignment
Ozurgeti, Guria Region Georgia

4. Minimum requirements
The tenderer should:
4.1 Comply with requirements as specified in Annex 1 AA (technical specification) needed for
the modernization of adapted Open Space in Ozurgeti in accordance to Zones A, B, C, D (11a, 26
May street, Ozurgeti).
4.2 Include in total pricing delivery of services to the location of the Open Space.
4.3 Include in total pricing installment of services to the location of the Open Space.
4.4 Include in total pricing maintenance service for a minimum period of 12 months.
4.5 The service provider should be operating in Ozurgeti municipality.
(Please refer Application Form for specification)

5. Criteria for selection of the Applicant (max. 100 points) for a shortlisted applicant
The requirement related to the quality will be assessed as per below table:
Criterion Maximum
5.1.1. Provision of catalogue and/or evidence (pictures) of delivered services in Ozurgeti municipality 40 of services delivered in the last 36 months (max. 10 points) of the previous clients (contact details) (max. 10 points) deadlines (max. 10 points) of the evidence (max. 10 points)
5.1.2. Availability of certificates for the services delivered (e.g., ISO) (max. 10 points) 10
5.1.3. Availability of guarantee repairment service for more than 12 months (max. 10 points) 10
5.1.4. Time required for implementing all the services listed in
p.1. as per specification (max. 10 points) 10
Total 70
The financial evaluation will be made on the basis of the total cost of the financial evaluation
(price of the offer), calculated on the basis of the cost simulation scenario provided in
Application form
Assessment under the criterion „price” will be based on the following formula for each
P= Pmin/Pof x 30 points
Pmin – the lowest proposed price
Pof – price presented in the examined offer
P – the number of points awarded to the examined offer under the price criterion, rounded to
the full number.

The contract will be awarded to the most economically advantageous tender, which will be
established by weighing technical quality against price on a 30/70 basis.
The final score will be calculated using the following formula:
Final score = Technical score x 70% + Financial score x 30 %
The tender obtaining the highest final score will be deemed to be the most economically
advantageous tender.
*Comparison of weight of Price and Experience is 30/70.

6. Information about price:
6.1. The price should be specified in GEL and rounded to two decimal places. The price should
be given on the basis of the cost simulation scenario provided in the Application form.
6.2. The price may be offered in NET (for physical persons) value, that must be clearly
indicated, or GROSS, that should include all costs incurred by the Contracting Authority as part
of the service provided by the Contractor (taxes, compulsory social security, health and
retirement contributions), as well as the costs of accommodation in Georgia, food, insurance,
local travel (unless travel is ordered separately by Contracting Authority), computer equipment,
cellular communication and software (word processor / spreadsheet / power point).
6.3. Settlements between the Contracting Authority and the Contractor will be conducted in
GEL depending on the Contractor’s place of tax residence and in relation to the current
exchange rate of the National Bank of Georgia.

7.The application must contain Fiscal Statement and Application FORM (templates attached),
signed and scanned in PDF format

Application must be submitted by August 30 2022 at 24:00 Tbilisi time to the address:

9. Information on the outcome of the procedure will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by
the applicant and will be published on Solidarity Fund PL_GEO Facebook

10. Please be advised that by submitting an application you agree to share the content of the
application with other applicants who could submit an appropriate request to the SF PL (except
for personal data, which will be anonymized).

11. Solidarity Fund PL, provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in
employment to all people without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age,
disability, political affiliation, marital status, protected genetic information, or sexual

12. Please be advised that the administrator of personal data contained in the submitted
applications is the Solidarity Fund PL with headquarters in Warsaw, ul. Mysłowicka 4, 01-612
Warsaw. The data will be processed on the basis of art. 6 clause 1 point. c of the Polish law on
personal data protection for the purpose related to public procurement procedure. You have
the right to access the personal data provided, the right to rectify personal data and the right
to request the administrator to limit the processing of personal data, subject to the cases
referred to in art. 18 clause 2 of the law. You have the right to lodge a complaint with the
President of the Office for Personal Data Protection. Please be advised that Solidarity Fund PL
has appointed a personal data protection inspector who can be contacted at:

Applicationn Form

Fiscal Statement

Drawing #1 Location of Zones

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