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Supporting the victims of the war in Nagorno-Karabakh 


Food, hygiene products, bed linen, and blankets have already reached those who suffered the most during the conflict. 
More families are to receive support as the “Assistance to persons affected by the war in Armenia” project continues.  

The events of autumn 2020 rocked the communities of Nagorno-Karabakh. According to Armenpress agency estimates, the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenian has forced approximately 90,000 people to flee the disputed lands. Most of displaced persons are women, children, the elderly, and war veterans. Over 70% of refugees are currently located in Armenia, where they face very poor living conditions. Some of them do not plan to return home. 

Solidarity Fund PL is assisting Armenian Caritas in aiding affected persons who found refuge in the localities of Shirak province in north-western Armenia.  Within just two weeks, our partners under the “Assistance to persons affected by the war in Armenia” project have reached some 200 families that suffered in the conflict. Among other things, the aid consists of supplying food and hygiene packages which, apart from necessities, include blankets, bed linen, and towels.  


Workers and volunteers of Armenian Caritas, as well as local clergy with whom they collaborate closely, play a crucial role in organising support for those in need. Their knowledge of local communities has allowed to identify and reach the neediest families. 


The project, financed by the BGK Bank’s Jan Kanty Steczkowski Foundation, is set to aid at least 400 families. Those in the most precarious situation will additionally receive financial assistance for temporary rental of apartments and purchasing construction materials. The materials are essential for renovating houses – often in poor shape – in which the families are placed. 

Pakiet żywnościowy

Extraordinary commitment of local partners and volunteers, as well as the support from the BGK Foundation, have enabled Solidarity Fund PL to contribute to improving living conditions of the victims of conflict.   

Projekt realizują: FSM, Armenian Caritas, ze środków Fundacji BGK im. Jana Kantego Steczkowskiego//Naklejki przedstawiające realizatorów projektu

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