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Helping Belarusians in their fight against Covid-19

One of Polish Aid’s largest convoys left for Belarus on 4 June 2020, carrying equipment to support the fight against the coronavirus. This medical assistance convoy was organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with Solidarity Fund PL, State Fire Service, Border Guard, and the Police.

It has been the second time that the Solidarity Fund PL, who is an instrument for development policy of the Polish Government, provided tangible help to the citizens of Belarus. The donation included, among other things, antiseptic liquid, medical masks, face shields and other pieces of PPE, medications, and respirators. The equipment was handed over to the Republican Medical Response Centres in Minsk and Grodno for further distribution.

“In the time of the SARS-CoV2 pandemic that spreads around the globe, threatening each and every one of us and crossing political and geographical borders at a stunning speed, we are being put to a grand test: a test of all-human solidarity.
It is only the solidarity of people, nations, and states that can be the answer to this universal threat. It is the only way in which we can face this threat jointly, in the spirit of valour and solidarity.
In its actions, Solidarity Fund PL has always built on the values deposited by the great civic movement of “Solidarity”. In the 1980s “Solidarity” contributed to the triumph of freedom in this part of Europe, the abolition of the division between the East and the West, and the creation of space for security and trust,” writes Rafał Dzięciołowski, the president of the Fund.

The Letter of the President of the Solidarity Fund PL in Belarusian

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