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Request for quote no. ZO/2020/14: Creation of “Participatory Hub” electronic platform

Solidarity Fund PL domiciled in Warsaw requests that all interested entities submit a quote for the delivery of a public procurement contract opened under article 4 point 8 of the Act of 29 January 2004 – Public Procurement Law:

Creation of “Participatory Hub” electronic platform


Request for quote no. ZO/2020/14 | Offer form

1. Specification of works subject to this tender:
As requested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, Solidarity Fund PL has been actively supporting Georgia in improving management processes at local government units. As part of such activities, the Solidarity Fund PL Representative Office in Georgia supports participatory budget processes, and – since 2020 – other tools for broadly defined social dialogue and participation, including aid for local initiatives and participatory planning. In response to the challenges posed by COVID-19, Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia partners with local authorities in developing digital tools for:

  • residents, to jointly develop and communicate to local authorities any ideas in support of local growth;
  • local authorities, to reliably inform residents about current developments – including critical and crisis response events – and to consult the local community in decisionmaking processes that directly impact on their life;
  • civil society organizations (NGOs), to act as intermediaries in the process of effective dialogue between local authorities and residents.

2. Delivery timeframe: 1 June 2020-15 November 2020

3. Obligations under the planned task:
The Contractor is expected to provide a team of programmers and graphic designers that will create an interactive electronic dialogue and resource platform

The interactive electronic platform for dialogue and resources “Participatory Hub” shall comprise 2 modules:

  • Educational Module, whose user will be able to:
    i. learn in an accessible and visually attractive way the meaning of the participatory budget, local initiative, rural program and participatory planning, and see – in an interactive map – a visualization of statistical data on the mechanisms of participation and their workings in individual municipalities;
    ii. get advice and consultation assistance from local experts and practitioners of various forms of participation and social dialogue;
    iii. state their will to participate in initiatives related to fostering participation and participatory attitudes in Georgia, including: “Participation Academy”, individual and municipality level certifications, “Workshop Shop”
  • Collaborative Module, whose user will be able to:
    i. browse a repository of guides and publications on the practical implementation of any participation mechanisms, and a document generator for specific mechanisms (i.e. participatory budget, local initiative, rural program and participatory planning), with audiovisual aids and support from local experts;
    ii. use tools for social dialogue and participation, including in particular: an online meeting planner (with redirection to external resources), a survey generator, an SMS messaging system.

4. Requirements:
a) Previous experience in using or co-creating electronic tools for local governments or tools for broadly understood social dialogue.
b) Previous experience in creating electronic tools in English (including sharing code for translation into other languages, in this particular case into Georgian).
c) The degree to which the project corresponds to the process map “User Journey Map” (*.
d) A team program developers and computer graphic designers.

5. Place of provision: Remote work

6. Provision form: Service contract

7. Reporting:
The contractor shall be obliged to regularly meet with nominated employees of the Solidarity Fund PL Representative Office in Georgia.
The meetings should:

  •  take place in one-week intervals, whereby the contractor will update the ordering party on the progress of development works;
  • take the form of remote meetings.

8. Contractor selection criteria (max. 100 points):
a) Degree of compliance with the requirements specified in point 4 of request for quote – max. 60 points;
b) Price – max. 40 points.
The total score allocated to any given tender under the “service price” criterion will be calculated according to the following formula:
P= Pmin/Pinv x 40 points, whereby:
Pmin – stands for the lowest proposed price
Pinv – stands for the price of the investigated quote
P – the number of points awarded to the examined offer in the price criterion rounded to the full number.

9. Maximum contract value and payment method
The maximum contract value is PLN 100,000 (gross), payment in tranches according to the service delivery schedule agreed on with the nominated Contractor.

10. Additional information:
The Contractor submits the offer on the form constituting a template for this invitation. The submission deadline is 17:00 (GMT+4) on 1 June 2020. The complete and signed offer must be submitted to the following email address: in the subject of the message, please enter the offer number ZO / 2020/14.

Information on the outcome of the procedure regarding the selection of an expert will be forwarded to tenderers via e-mail and will be posted on the Foundation website.


Request for quote no. ZO/2020/14 | Offer form


Please be advised that the administrator of personal data provided in this proceeding is Solidarity Fund PL domiciled in Warsaw, ul. Wołodyjowskiego 69a, 02-724 Warsaw. The Contractor represents that they have fulfilled the information obligation provided for in article 13 or article 14 of GDPR in relation to the data of individuals whose personal data have been directly (employees, colleagues) or indirectly (third parties) acquired and made available in reply to the request for quote ZO / 2020/13 as part of the tender procedure conducted by Solidarity Fund PL. Providing personal data of individuals to the extent necessary to conclude the said proceedings is voluntary but necessary to participate in the process. Natural persons-data subjects, have the right to access personal data and the right to rectify the data provided. With respect to data provided voluntarily but not necessary to conduct the proceedings, data subjects have the right to limit processing, the right to withdraw consent to data processing and the right to request deletion of their processed data. Such withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing that was carried out under the applicable law or consent before the said withdrawal. Natural persons-data subjects have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body (the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection in Warsaw). Please be advised that Solidarity Fund PL has appointed a personal data protection officer, who can be contacted at:


* To access the process map, log in to the platform. Registration is free but an email must be provided.

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