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Call for an Expert No ZO/2020/08 – Results

Solidarity Fund PL informs that the offer submitted by Mrs. Svitlana Tiutiunyk, registered in Kherson, Ukraine
has been selected in a Call for Expert on regional funding and budgeting of VET (ZO/2020/08).

The call has been proceeded within the framework of the EU funded „EU4Skills” Programme and in accordance with art.4, point 8 of the law of the Republic of Poland of 29 January 2004 on public procurement and with the Solidarity Fund PL Rules on Procurement below 30 000 euro.

The offer by Mrs. Svitlana Tiutiunyk was the only offer submitted by the deadline (March 2nd, 2020 at 10.00 Warsaw time). The offered price is 130 euro/day or 14 950 euro total for 115 working days.

The price includes all costs incurred by the Contracting Authority as part of the service provided by the Contractor (taxes, compulsory social security, health and retirement contributions), as well as the costs of accommodation in Ukraine, food, insurance, local travel (unless travel is ordered separately by Contracting Authority), computer equipment, cellular communication and software (word processor/spreadsheet).

The Procurement Committee confirmed that the Offer
a) meets the minimum requirements mentioned in the point 5 of the Call for Expert;
b) declares that the Applicant is not a subject to exclusion from the procedure on the basis of Art. 24 paragraph 1 points 12-23 of the Polish procurement law;
c) the price proposed in the Offer is in line with the point 4 of the Call for Expert.
The Offer has been evaluated in accordance to the point 8 of the Call for Experts. The offer received a score 51,67 of 60 points.

The offer of Mrs. Svitlana Tiutiunyk was considered by the Commission as the most advantageous, meeting all the conditions set by the Solidarity Fund PL.

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