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Fire safety campaign for educational institutions in Borjomi municipality

The ‘’Voluntary Fire Service as a form of Temporary Crisis Response’’ project continues its work, the volunteers have been delivering interesting and useful activities. After intensive training courses, volunteer firefighters launched the fire safety campaign in the educational institutions of Borjomi municipality.
The volunteers developed the training modules and lesson plans on the basis of the knowledge gained during the training sessions. During a month-long campaign, from October 15 to November 12, Volunteer firefighters visited schools and kindergartens in Borjomi municipality. 10 public schools and 8 kindergartens have been involved in the campaign dedicated to fire safety issues. Up to 400 students from schools and kindergartens attended the interactive lessons delivered by the volunteer firefighters.

The main reason for the interactive lessons run by the volunteers, was to develop basic skills related to fire safety among students and teachers.
The volunteers gave important information to the students about topics such as: the main factors causing fires, how to behave during a fire in the building and in forests. What evacuation is and how it should be done in an organised and secure way, how to support a person in the process of a fire when he/she is stressed. In addition to a theoretical part, the lessons included practical exercises, such as simulations and simulated evacuations.

On November 12, the project team organised fire drill events in Borjomi kindergarten No 3 and public school No 3. The emergency rescue service from Borjomi municipality was involved in the event as well. A simulated evacuation was planned and conducted in the kindergarten and school. An evacuation alarm sounded, students were directed and instructed by the volunteer firefighters. At the entrance of the buildings the firefighting team was mobilised with all the required equipment, the firefighters in their uniforms and the fire truck.

The students got information from professional firefighters about the fire truck and equipment used during the fire. The professional firefighters gave the students instructions on how to behave in case of fire.

On November 17, volunteer firefighters are going to Poland on a study visit. The volunteers will see the Polish firefighting system and the volunteers’ involvement and their role in this process. They will see how the volunteer fire service operates in Poland. Our volunteers will get to know the model where the state and volunteers work together in coordination to prevent and fight fires.

The Project is being implemented by the “Nacres” Centre for Biodiversity Conservation & Research and the Samtskhe-Javakheti Media Center in partnership with Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia.

The Project is co-financed by the Polish development cooperation programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

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