Where we work

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Solidarity Fund PL supports independent media, democracy (including local democracy), human rights organizations in countries undergoing transformation and in societies where political systems do not enable them to dictate their own fate. Since its reactivation in 2012, the Foundation has supported projects of Polish NGOs and implemented their own activities in countries of the Eastern Partnership, Tajikistan (2012-2015), Tunisia (2012 to 2016) and Burma (2012-2015).

The projects have been carried out as part of the following programs: Support for Democracy, Polish-Canadian Program for Support of Democracy, Election observations,  the Lech Walesa Solidarity Prize

Thematical areas of supported projects: local democracy – social heritage – education – media – youth – NGOs – environmental protection – social aid- social participation – human rights – administrative reform – the judiciary, the law – the transformation of systems – elections – health
Country where projects are carried out: Armenia – Azerbaijan – Belarus – Georgia – Kyrgyzstan – Myanmar/Burma – Moldova – Tajikistan – Tunisia – Ukraine
Projects by year: 2015 – 2014 – 2013 – 2012
For the safety of the beneficiaries and implementers we do not provide information about the majority of the Foundation’s recent projects regarding civil society in Belarus and selected projects regarding civil society in Ukraine (since 2014).